Dr Oz: Wrist Cardiac Catheterization & Treating Heart Disease


Dr Oz Biggest Medical Breakthroughs

You do not want to miss his show today because Dr. Oz’s Insiders Guide to the Biggest Medical Breakthroughs could include information to change your life or the life of someone that you love. Dr. Oz went inside some of the best research facilities to learn about their incredible findings, including one that could change the way that doctors diagnose and treat heart disease.

Dr Oz: Wrist Cardiac Catheterization

Dr Oz: Wrist Cardiac Catheterization & Treating Heart Disease

Dr Jennifer Tremmel says that Wrist Cardiac Catheterization is less invasive and less risky than Groin Catheterization when diagnosing and treating heart disease.


  1. Jim Stoch says

    I have had two transradial (wrist) entry angiograms performed by Dr. Tremmel at Stanford Medical Center. Having had 8 angiograms/angioplasties, using the femoral artery entry point, I truly appreciate the transradial approach. The recovery time is faster, more comfortable and there is less risk of a serious bleeding issue, which I had once when the sandbag slipped off and I had to apply direct pressure to a gusher until the nurse could react. Not fun but memorable. Plus, I truly appreciate Dr. Tremmel’s skilled professionalism in the two intereventions she has performed on me.

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