Dr Oz: Artificial Sweeteners In Milk & Artificial Sweeteners Addictive


Dr Oz: Artificial Sweeteners Added To Flavored Milk?

Should artificial sweeteners be allowed in milk products? That is the question Dr. Oz is asking as he reveals important information you need to know about some of the most popular dairy products you probably feed your family every day. The dairy industry wants to make a drastic change to the labeling of dairy products, but could it cause your family harm? Keep reading to find out!

Dr Oz: What Is the Definition Of Milk?

Did you know that in order to still be labeled as “milk” the front of the label has to disclose the product has been changed if it contains artificial sweeteners, with phrases such as “less sugar” or “reduced calories?” Dr. Oz says the dairy industry is petitioning the FDA so they can be allowed to add artificial sweeteners to your favorite dairy products without putting anything on the front label, instead forcing you to read carefully in order to find the artificial sweetener listed on the back of the package as part of the list of ingredients. Do you think you have the right to know what is in the milk products that you feed your family? Should it be clearly stated on the front of the label as is the case per the current requirements? Dr. Oz says many of us, himself included, grew up believing milk is a wholesome part of a healthy diet, but could artificial sweeteners change all that?

Dr Oz: Are Artificial Sweeteners Addictive?

Artificial Sweeteners Added to Flavored Milk

Dr Oz revealed shocking information about the dairy industry’s petition to the FDA that will allow them to change the definition of milk by adding artificial sweeteners to your favorite products!

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