Dr Oz: Aspartame In Milk & Soda and Sports Drinks vs. Flavored Milk


Dr Oz: Soda vs Flavored Milk

Did you know the dairy industry wants to add artificial sweeteners to some of your favorite milk products? Dr. Oz talked about the petition that could lead to a change in the labeling of dairy products, making it harder for consumers to know what they are actually buying at the grocery store. Find out the “definition” of milk along with some other startling information that might leave you as concerned as Dr. Oz!

Dr Oz: Dairy Association Petitions FDA To Add Artificial Sweeteners To Milk

Cary Frye, National Dairy Foods Association, told Dr. Oz the petition was filed to give the dairy industry more choices to offer in the entire marketplace. She wanted to be clear that this petition only pertains to products that contain a sweetener, like flavored milks or sweetened Eggnog. Cary explained there is no need or desire to add a sweetener to a product that is not intended to be sweet. She says the dairy industry simply wants more options aside from real sugar and honey when it comes to adding low-calorie sweeteners to dairy products. Keith Ayoob, pediatric nutritionist, says there is research that shows people who eat zero-calorie sweeteners get a more nutrient-dense diet that includes more fruit. He argues artificial sweeteners have been proven to be safe, but Dr. Oz interjected and said it is not about whether they are safe or not it is about whether they help us to achieve our goal, which is healthier kids.

Dr Oz: Artificially Sweetened Milk vs Low-Calorie Sports Drinks

Flavored Milk vs Sports Drinks

Cary Frye says the dairy association simply wants more options to artificially sweeten flavored milk so they can better compete with companies who produce unhealthy sports drinks.


  1. says

    no one its to blame but the goverment money its all they care about only themselves are to be blame in fact who owned the milk industry a congressmen a politician an illuminaty personality mason felt sorry by mankind by the way whos the scape goat

  2. Sara says

    This is the poisoning of America. The USDA and other government agencies do not have our best interests in mind. Check out the Georgia Guide Stones. With Monsanto making our food poison with GMO seeds and the government ruining every thing else with their immunizations and manipulation of our health care system it’s amazing that both are not being tried for murder.

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