Dr Oz: #BlockTheHaters Vine Video & Brandon Bowen Positive Attitude


Dr Oz: Brandon Bowen Vine

Dr Oz is Bringing Healthy Back, and part of that process is not letting other people stop you with negative feedback. Celebrate where you are! As an example of this, Dr Oz introduced 16-year-old viral video star Brandon Bowen.

To “block out the haters,” Bowen wears plastic spoons over his eyes. Brandon, from Georgia, is a viral hit on the social networking site Vine, where users share short video clips. There, he has racked up over 100,000 likes.



  1. says

    Brandon……you have a big heart..Dr. Oz is right your mother raise”d an awesome son. “””
    “Behind every successful person lies a pack of haters”….just smile at them, it kills them. Never ever worry about what others think, their just jealous because they know you are so much better then they are. Trust me please.

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