Dr Oz: First Lady Announces Let’s Move Active Schools Program On Dr Oz


Dr Oz: First Lady Announces Let’s Move Schools On Dr Oz!

Dr. Oz welcomed First Lady Michelle Obama back to his stage and they talked candidly about her midlife “crisis,” self-esteem and how she believes moderation is the key to staying healthy. Then, on Dr. Oz’s stage, she made a huge announcement about a new program focused on getting our kids more physically active. Keep reading to find out about this exciting new initiative and to learn how you can be a champion in the lives of children!

Dr Oz: Average Child Spends Seven Hours In Front Of a Screen

Dr Oz: First Lady Announces Let's Move Active Schools Program On Dr Oz

The First Lady made an exciting announcement on Dr Oz’s stage about the Let’s Move program! They are partnering to create Active Schools and challenging 50,000 schools to become more active!

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