Dr. Oz: John Walsh Recovering Missing Children & Madeleine McCann Case


Dr. Oz: John Walsh Missing Children

John Walsh is the host of CNN’s The Hunt and an expert criminal investigator. He was a television host for a long time on the show America’s Most Wantedbut he’s particularly focused on catching child abductors. His own son Adam was murdered by a serial killer in the 1980s when he was just 6 years old, but it wasn’t proven who killed Adam until 2008. For years, John Walsh had no answers as to what happened to his son or who killed him.


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    In this episode I seemed to recall Mr. Walsh saying there had been “10,000” Catholic Priests” convicted or accused of child abuse. I cannot find that number? I find lesser numbers that are much lower than the 10,000 mentioned. Did I misunderstand him?

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