Dr Oz: Leaky Gut Symptoms & Juvenile Arthritis vs Leaky Gut Syndrome


Dr Oz: How To Treat Leaky Gut Syndrome

Do know someone who experiences pain in their joints combined with rashes and/or bloating? If so, it could be due to a medical mystery that doctors cannot seem to solve. Have you ever heard of Leaky Gut Syndrome? Find out one mother’s quest to end her son’s pain and cure him of this debilitating illness.

Dr Oz: Arthritis vs Leaky Gut Syndrome

Most doctors have never heard of Leaky Gut Syndrome, let alone know the best way to treat it, but one mom was determined to cure her son and end his pain. Susannah Meadows was an investigative reporter for the New York Times magazine and a skeptic by nature, so when her three-year old son suddenly became ill she knew where to find the help she needed. Susannah’s son, Shepherd, was complaining of pain in his knees so she took him to his pediatrician. They performed tests, referred him to a specialist and then the devastating diagnosis of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis was delivered. Susannah said she and her husband were told that without treatment, Shepherd would have permanent joint damage and maybe even disability. She remembers thinking there was nothing she would not do in order to stop her son’s pain, but when her sister recommended alternative medicine, Susannah admitted she had no interest in talking to a “kook.”

Dr Oz: Medical Treatment For Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

Susannah Meadows’ son Shepherd was put on anti-inflammatory medication (NSAIDS), but they did not work and his arthritis began to spread causing him a great deal of pain. The next step was to put him on a much more powerful drug known as Methotrexate, which is commonly used to treat Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. Methotrexate is a chemotherapy drug with potentially dangerous side effects. Shepherd’s parents felt they had no other option but to put him on the medication in the hope it would help to relieve his pain.

Dr Oz: Leaky Gut Syndrome

Susannah recalled being very troubled by the potential harm Methotrexate could cause her son, which led to a feeling of desperation so she decided to call the doctor that her sister had recommended. Susannah said she began to describe the symptoms of Leaky Gut Syndrome, which began to make a lot of sense when she thought about what her son was going through. Dr. Oz explained the theory behind Leaky Gut Syndrome is that damage in the intestines causes bacteria and toxins to leak out into the body and begin to cause symptoms like joint pain, rashes, bloating or even depression.


  1. Amanda Hendrix says

    Dr Oz, I am a mother of a 22 month of son, who after being misdiagnosed for a month was confirmed at 14 months that he had systemic JA. Unless you have had a child with an illness such as this, you really should not be placing judgement on parents that allow their child to take meds such as biologics. It was one of the hardest decisions of my life to make! It was a decison that was researched and prayed about. At the end of the day, I had a baby that could not walk or use his arms, cried out in pain, hurt too much to eat,, had fevers of 106, etc. We had to do what we could to help this suffering child. I did take dairy and glutten out of his diet, excerice in the pool, anything,, and might I add was also supported by our pediatric rheumatologist.

    I am so disappointed that a doctor could be so reckless with information to the national public. You gave so many false hope for ratings. You prayed on the desperation and fear of parents that are trying to do the very best for they children. I have been that mom, I have sat up all night reading of ways to fix my child,, leaky gut being one. What if your show delays treatment or prevents it all together to a child?

    Im not saying that the topic should not have been on your show, I just think that you needed a rheumatologist on too.I am all for natural and traditional medicine working together. You have a chance to stand up for these kids, that so many have no clue exist. The daily stuggles of these kids and their parents are real, maybe too real for the ratings of day time tv. You had America’s ear, and you decided to promote ratings instead of suffering children. Shame on you!

    I think that people need to remember that your show is really just about entertainment. I pray that parents that are considering only taking the natural approach consult with their rheumatologist first, who I might add have dedicated their lives to helping children/adults with arthritis v/s someone that is trying to get ratings and mostly like endorsement deals from these natural drug companies. Please in the future Dr Oz, show both sides of a debate such as this.

    Amanda Hendrix

  2. carrie says

    My daughter is in remission currently from JRA… I wish I would have heard about this 2 years ago! Thank you for bringing attention to this! When we started out nobody could help us!

  3. Linda Markham says

    In reference to Amanda Hendrix just wanted to let you know my thoughts about leaky gut and Dr. Oz. It is real and I have been working diligently with my own research on the subject, as well as, implementing what the mother of Shepard used. It is a real issue that I have been plagued with for years due wheat, gluten, milk and over use of sugar. Having removed these from my diet I am improving and hope for energy to face the day. It is worth a try but I would suggest you find others who can support you. What have you got to lose?

  4. Amanda Hendrix says

    @Linda Markham.,, that is great for you. Do you have SJIA or Stills Disease? If not,, my comment has nothing to do with you. Not all subgroups are treated with this diet.. I mentioned that although my son’s symptoms never improved, we did try a natural, gluten /dairy free diet. I stand by my opinion from Feb,,,, thus show was one sided, misleading and took away from the seriousness of this disease. I wish you continued success with your health improvements.

  5. dkaj says

    Dear Amanda Hendrix, I would not take offense to Dr. Oz’s show on J. arthritis. He is just trying to help those who may benefit from diet alterations such as this mother did and to be able to prevent the use of the stronger meds if they can avoid it. He never said this was a cure for all cases, only presenting this woman’s experience. Also, there was more to the diet than just wheat and dairy. They also removed potatoes, tomatoes and sugar and boosted anti-inflammatory oils. He is just trying to educate people that there may be hope for some, but never said all. There is so much about gut bacteria that the medical community is trying to learn more about and how foods do affect this. So sorry it hasn’t worked in your child’s situation.

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