Dr Oz: McGhee Sextuplets 1,008 Diapers & 28 Pounds of Potatoes Monthly

By on December 20, 2012

Dr Oz: McGhee Sextuplets 1,008 Diapers Every Month!

Dr. Oz is spending time with the McGhee Sextuplets on his show today and it is has definitely been a fun time. Their parents, Mia and Ro, have shared their struggles to conceive and how they felt at the news of being pregnant with not one, but six babies, along with their secret to handling this little army of toddlers.

Dr Oz: McGhee Sextuplets by the Numbers

McGhee Sextuplets Monthly Diapers

The McGhee Sextuplets go through about 1,008 diapers every single month!

Mia and Rozonno “Ro” McGhee says that it is definitely challenging to manage six toddlers, but working as a team is the key to their success. They begin their day at 5:30 a.m. by getting themselves ready, so they can then focus on taking care of their children. A trip to the grocery store usually requires three shopping carts, but can you imagine just how much food has to go IN that shopping cart to feed those six little mouths?

Dr Oz: McGhee Family Diapers & Groceries

Dr. Oz’s stage was overflowing with some of what this family goes through in just one month. It was stacks and piles of diapers, clothes, and food. Here is a breakdown of some of the numbers:

Diapers – 1,008 (Mia and Ro admit that they are both a little afraid of potty training this many toddlers.)

Pajamas and Play Clothes – 180 sets (Imagine ALL of that laundry!) Mia says that have to do 1-2 loads of laundry every day in order to keep because if they get behind at all they need to call in someone to help.

Some of the McGhee Septuplets’ Monthly Groceries: (Dr. Oz says he could not fit the family’s entire list of food for month on his stage, so here is just a portion of what it takes to feed these little mouths every month.)

  • 360 Chicken Nuggets
  • 28 Gallons of Milk
  • 28 Pounds of Potatoes
  • 600 Fish Sticks
  • 336 Bananas

Wow, that is a lot of food. I cannot imagine shopping for that much food and I definitely cannot imagine where the McGhee family stores all of that food. I bet that meals times are quite the adventure in their home, but I also bet it is a lot of fun.

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