Dr Oz: Talking About the Birds and the Bees with Young Kids

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Dr Oz: Talking About the Birds and the Bees with Young Kids

By on September 13, 2012

Dr Oz: Embarrassing Topics

As Dr Oz Fans and viewers know, there are few topics that are off limits for this show. But what happens when little ears are in the room, overhearing a delicate conversation about why farts make noise or women with bonus nipples? That’s the story one mom imparted to Dr Oz, explaining how his show led to her talk about the birds and the bees.

Rebecca’s son Aaron was sequestered backstage, and she told Dr Oz that her young son often wanders into the room when she is watching the show. In a previous episode, Dr Oz had a man slide down a giant wall. Apparently that was an uncomfortable moment for Aaron to walk in on.

Dr Oz: Talking To Kids About the Birds & the Bees

Dr Oz: Talking About the Birds and the Bees with Young Kids

Dr Oz shared his advice for talking about the birds and the bees with younger children; how one mom handled questions about Dr Oz’s show.

“I had to explain to a child what it was,” she said. But Rebecca managed to put off her explanation for at least a week. But he’s only five, so she hasn’t really gotten too deep into the birds and bees conversation.

Finally, she researched and found an animated Internet video to help explain what it is in terms that are age appropriate. Dr Oz said he understands certain topics can be awkward, but he feels a responsibility to viewers to help educate them and start conversations.

Doctor Oz: “The Talk” with Young Kids

Rebecca said she was able to have an open conversation about anatomy with her son, even though it happened earlier than she expected. Dr Oz thought she did the right thing.

“When parents don’t talk to their kids about the body, it sends a bad message,” he said. “And if you’re embarrassed, they’re going to be embarrassed. But if you take pride in your body, they’ll be proud of it.”

He said we can break the cycle of embarrassment by being open and honest about health and body issues. Aaron even got to join his mom on stage with Dr Oz. In one-word answers, he admitted that he is not a regular Dr Oz viewer, but he does like school.

Dr Oz: First Human Body Encyclopedia

Dr Oz advised using the real words and facts to explain medical topics to young people, instead of using synonyms or made-up terms in place of body part names. That said, he agreed to be more judicious about his experiments and verbiage in future episodes. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Dr Oz tried to give Aaron the First Human Body Encyclopedia, but the boy was resistant because he does not care for skeletons. At least that got him talking.

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