Dr. Oz: Teacher Helps Kids Get Food & Blessings in a Backpack Review


Dr. Oz: Teacher Helps Kids Get Food

Dr. Oz talked about  a special teacher named Nicole Durant, who is fighting child hunger and started a take-home lunch program at her school to help needy children get the food they need. Nicole said that one day, she was asking the children at her school what they’d like to share. One kid shared he was hungry because he hadn’t had anything to eat since the previous Friday at school. He and his mom were living in his mom’s car.

Dr. Oz: Blessings in a Backpack Review

Dr. Oz: Teacher Helps Kids Get Food & Blessings in a Backpack Review

Dr. Oz talked to a remarkable teacher who brought a program to her school to help the needy hungry children get meals after a 7-year-old told her he hadn’t eaten over the weekend. (EwaPix / Shutterstock.com)


  1. Liz Markert says

    Hi Nicole, what an angel you and your husband are to recognize and take care of the helpless, hungry children.
    I live in a small community of about 1,800 and would like to begin a mission like what you have created.
    I want to be able to get this started by January 1st 2015 if not sooner.
    Can you give me any helpful ideas that would benefit on making this happen in our community.
    Unfortunately in August, my 32 year old precious daughter passed from liver cancer. She was a dietician. Her goal in life was to help all ages take care of themselves by eating right…and now we have to think about those that don’t have a choice to eat right.
    I have wanted to do something extra special with her memorial money and now I can start this in our community with .
    a helping hand in memory of my Emily
    Whenever you have time, I would love to hear from you with any helpful ideas on how to get this started and what worked best for you.
    God Bless You
    Liz Markert

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