Dr Oz: Toxic Hot Seat Investigation & Flame Retardant Risk to Kids


Dr Oz: Flame Retardant Chemicals Toxic to Your Health

Would it surprise you to know that the fabric furniture in your home, including your baby’s, is lined with harmful chemicals? Those chemicals could literally be toxic to your family and causing you more harm than good. Flame retardant chemicals sometimes come out of the foam in your sofa and end up in your carpet, with around 80% of fabric furniture containing dangerous particles. Flame retardant chemicals are meant to keep your family safe, but in reality they are putting the people you love at risk for birth defects and cancer.

Dr Oz: Toxic Hot Seat Investigation Airs on HBO

Some of the most shocking information surrounding flame retardants is that the tobacco industry was a huge supporter of using them because they were sick of being accused of causing household fires.  Chemical manufactures are still raking in a lot of money from  flame retardant chemicals and a group called Citizens for Fire Safety was seemingly looking out for consumers, but in reality they were being funded by the chemical companies. The most infuriating truth is that flame retardant chemicals do not even prevent fires, but are still putting your family’s health at risk.  If you want to know more about the investigation into flame retardant chemicals you can check out the film Toxic Hot Seat on HBO.

Dr Oz: Flame Retardant Chemicals Linked to Cancer

Dr Oz: Toxic Hot Seat Investigation & Flame Retardant Risk to Kids

Dr Oz uncovered the shocking truth about flame retardants used in your furniture, including how they are linked to cancer, infertility and birth defects!


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