Are Mosquitoes Attracted to Sweet Blood & Dr Oz Health Myths

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Are Mosquitoes Attracted to Sweet Blood & Dr Oz Health Myths

By on May 7, 2012

Dr Oz: Diet Myths

Remember your mother telling nagging you to dry your hair before going out in the cold or maybe your grandmother told you in order to help get rid of a cold, you need to feed the cold. (Or was it starve the cold?) Are mosquitoes attracted to sweet blood? Do you really have to wait 30-minutes before swimming? We’ve all heard mom’s and grandma’s bizarre suggestions for some of your most common health ailments. On Dr Oz’s May 8, 2012 show called “The Biggest Health Myths You Believe-Exposed!”, he will reveal which of those heath myths are fact and which are fiction. Find out the true solutions to some of your most frequent health myths, once and for all! Plus, see how some of those wacky myths originated.

Dr Oz May 8 2012

Dr Oz: The Biggest Health Myths You Believe - Exposed!

What about some of your diet myths? Can you really drink the fat away? Should you avoid late night eating if you’re looking to shed the pounds? Doctor Oz will also expose some of your most common dieting myths. (I’ve been dying to know if carbs really are evil little monsters just waiting to pack on the pounds!) Doctor Oz will go straight to the source and tackle (and conquer) the audience’s biggest myths when it comes to losing weight. Find out if your question made the cut!

Dr Oz: Diet Confessions

Do you have certain bizarre regiments when it comes to slimming down? On Dr Oz’s May 8, 2012 show, you’ll hear the secret diet confessions of Dr Oz’s Fans. You’ll hear it all–from what crazy methods people use to lose weight to which foods people believe will help them shed the extra pounds. Find out some of the strange techniques audience members have used to lose weight. You may be surprised!

Dr Oz: What Attracts Mosquitoes?

One of the topics that Dr Oz will cover is what attracts mosquitoes.  Does your mother tell you that mosquitoes are attracted to you because you have sweet blood?  Is it true?  Doctor Oz will talk about this myth.  Plus, he will share with us what really is attracting mosquitoes to us so that we can help prevent getting those terribly itchy bug bites this summer.  And by the way, it is the mosquito’s saliva that causes the itching sensation (yuck!).  Doctor Oz will also discuss if sunburns turn into tans (when and why that happens), plus is it true that spicy foods cause ulcers?  Come back to on May 8, 2012 for a full recap of all of the myths that Dr Oz debunks!

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