Binge Eating Intervention: Dr Oz September 19 2012 Preview

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Binge Eating Intervention: Dr Oz September 19 2012 Preview

By on September 18, 2012

Dr Oz September 19 2012 Preview

Binge Eating Intervention: Dr Oz September 19 2012 Preview

Dr Oz September 19 2012 is a binge eating intervention. Go inside the secret world of women who are ashamed of their compulsive habit.

On the Dr Oz September 19 2012 episode, the topic of the day is binge eating. When you think of binge eating, maybe it’s finishing those last couple pizza slices rather than putting them in the fridge. Or maybe you can’t bear to put that box of cookies or bag of chips back in the cupboard unless it’s empty. How do you know when you have crossed over into dangerous, compulsive habits of binge eating?

But for some people, Binge Eating becomes a force that takes over and controls their entire lives. Some of these binge eaters are getting real about their problems and challenges on Dr Oz September 19 2012. This all new episode will take you inside the homes of some binge eaters who say they are fed up with their compulsive habits and are ready to make a change in their lives. Can Dr Oz help them break the cycle?

Doctor Oz: Binge Eating & Parenting

How does a parent’s binge eating affect their children? We know that children mimic the behavior of their parents, and that could mean that children are getting dangerous ideas about food and health from their parents, who probably don’t intend to pass along such a negative message. Find out what these parents want to tell their children about the binge eating habits that control their lives.

Plus, one woman admits that she isn’t just putting on extra weight. She is actually seven months pregnant, and she has been keeping it a secret from her family and friends. When she comes clean to Dr Oz, what will he tell her about how her diet and lifestyle are affecting her unborn child? Find out something you didn’t know about the secret world of binge eating on the next all new episode of Dr Oz September 19 2012.

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