Dr Oz: The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Get Fit: Rhodiola Infused Black Tea


Dr Oz: Curvy Girl’s Guide

All you curvy girls listen up! On Doctor Oz’s May 28, 2012 show, he’ll show you how to get fit and fabulous with quick and simple solutions and his The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Get Fit and Fabulous. Forget about trying to be supermodel thin, you can look and feel great with your natural womanly body.  Curvy is the new thin. (Just ask Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian.) Being curvy doesn’t mean you’re out of shape, but find out how to look and feel like a million bucks with Dr Oz’s fit and fabulous guide that includes weight loss tips like drinking Rhodiola Infused Black Tea and five delicious meals for $25 with absolutely no cooking required (all you need is a microwave!).  Some of his meals will include a 5 Minute Rice Free Risotto and a Carb-Cutter Chicken Cordon Bleu Recipe.


  1. David Darby says

    Great suggestion, Where can I find or What is the name of the Company and where to by the Rhodiola infused black tea?

  2. Barbara Rus says

    Great question….I have been all over online trying to find which drug store sells Rhodiola infused black tea and nothing is coming up.

  3. Cindy says

    Try buying black tea and rhodiola extract separate. Then add the rhodiola to your tea the same way you add honey or lemon.

  4. Jo says

    Is there really science behind the rhodiola infused black tea if I can’t find anywhere that sells it? I’m now very skeptical. Dr. Oz, why are you raving about something without telling us how to find it when it is so rare?

  5. Toni says

    I run into this problem a lot with Dr. Oz’s suggestions of products to use. I can never find them anywhere. Dr. Oz, please give us the information we need to find the products. This is so frustrating! I’m starting to doubt Dr. Oz’s claims.

  6. Deborah says

    If one bought the Rhodiola supplement and added it to black tea…how much should be added?

  7. stephanie says

    hi there

    what company makes this Rhodiola Infused Black Tea. or where am i able to purchase this?

  8. Gail says

    I would like to know where to buy it also. Dr. Andrew Weil discusses the supplement, but I cannot find the tea.

  9. AqueelahPatterson says

    All you have to do is purchase loose black tea or black tea in tea bags. You can find rhodiola at your local herb shop or health food store. 1 tbsp of black tea loose to 8 to 16 oz of hot water. Also add a tsp to a tbsp of rhodiola to the brew too. Let this steep for 30 mins to a hr.

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