Dr Oz: 3 Aging Warning Signs & Belief in Angels and Power to Heal


Dr Oz Preview January 17 2014

Dr Oz Aging Warning Signs

Dr Oz reveals the three warning signs you could be aging too fast and shares how to reserve it right now!

Does a belief in angels have the power to heal? That is the question on Dr. Oz’s mind as he sits down with author and spiritual medium Rebecca Rosen to discuss how she uses angels to help spiritual, physical, and mental healing. Do you believe that angels really exist or are you skeptical of the whole idea? Either way, the next episode of the Dr. Oz Show might just change your mind!

Dr Oz: Belief in Angels

Dr. Oz says the belief in angels as a way to heal is an interesting concept that is not often thought about in modern medicine, but will Rebecca Rosen make him a believer? They will talk about the three ways that a belief in angels can you heal whatever ails you, so come back soon to learn more about their conversation and to figure out for yourself if there is any truth to Rebecca’s Rosen’s argument.

Dr Oz: How to Reverse the Aging Process

There is no way to avoid getting older, but is it possible you might be aging too fast? On the next Dr. Oz Show find out the three warning signs that you could be aging too fast, and best of all, learn how to reverse it! Dr. Oz shares a new discovery that could literally change your life and turn back the clock on how fast your body is aging.


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