Dr Oz: A 56-Pound Anorexic Woman + Life-Threatening Extreme Anorexia


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Dr Oz Preview January 31 2014

The next episode of the Dr. Oz Show might be a difficult one for some of you to watch, but it is one that means a lot to Dr. Oz. He sits down with the 56-pound anorexic, a woman whose life is literally at risk if she does not get the help she needs.

Dr Oz: Anorexia Eating Disorder

Dr Oz: A 56-Pound Anorexic Woman + Life-Threatening Extreme Anorexia

Dr Oz reveals the most extreme case of anorexia ever seen on television when he sits down with a 56-pound woman fighting the battle of her life.



  1. says

    How sad that this woman felt like she had to be THIN ,to the point that she’s killing herself!
    She needs help! Hope she’ll take Dr. Oz’ help!!

  2. Patsy says

    How is Jane Johnson doing? I was anorexic for several years & it took my getting pregnant to begin to eat. I used to travel with my scale & eat laxatives…..

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