Dr Oz 7 Day Crash Diet by Dr Joel Fuhrman: Lose 10 Lbs in 1 Week


Dr Oz 7 Day Crash Diet Review

Shhhhh! You hear that? That’s summer approaching—and quickly! Are you ready? On Doctor Oz’s June 4, 2012 show, he will reveal the secrets on how to lose weight with the Dr Oz 7 Day Crash Diet put together by Dr Joel Fuhrman. That doesn’t sound much different than some other of his weight loss advice shows, right? Wrong! On this show, Dr Oz shows you how to eat more food and lose weight. No more dry toast for breakfast, apple for lunch and lettuce for dinner. Ladies, it’s time to revolt! Find out how to eat more food and still be ready to show off your brand new toned up body in that slinky bikini.


  1. marian mcrae says

    Dr Oz I missed your show on the 7 day crash diet I would really appreicate it Marian Mcrae

  2. says

    Dr. Oz I love your show, to often i don’t get to see it. I work late, I’m very tired when I get home, BUT your show is great, helpful.
    I can’t lose weight for anything. Age, metabolism, whatever. Need help.

  3. kari says

    This works! I started the diet after watching the show. I have been losing a average of a lb a day. I have given up the Adkins diet. This is so much healthier.

  4. LaJuana Gilmore says

    I have been on your 7 day crash diet, could you please list the foods we can have. I have the list for the 99 foods, but they are not correct for the 7 day crash diet.

  5. MJ Papich says

    I followed your 7 day crash diet as prescribed on your show and I researched Dr. Fuhrman…however I only lost 4 pounds. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be just wish I would have lost more weight. How did you all do?

  6. patty says

    i really believe this plan is perfect because if you pay attention you will see that the doctor recomends high nutritional foods, like vegetables, fruits, grains, oat meal,, and also says that only 10% of your food should be cheese, eggs meats, etc
    I am doing this plan and i feel really better and i have lost 5 pounds in a week and feel healthy,,, thanks doctor fuhrman and doctor oz

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