Dr Oz: Ancient Ayurvedic Secrets to Lose Weight


Dr Oz: Ayurvedic Weight Loss Techniques

Are you looking to lose weight the all-natural way? On Dr Oz’s May 11, 2012 show (“Ancient Ayurvedic Secrets to Lose Weight”), he is joined by Ayurvedic Nutritionist, Sunita Mohan and Ayurvedic Spa Owner, Candace Badgett, to reveal how to shed the pounds by using this alternative weight loss technique.

Dr Oz Ancient Ayurvedic Secrets

Dr Oz will discuss Ancient Ayurvedic Diet Secrets for weight loss.


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    I was not able to see the shown on May 11 2012 on ANCIENT AYURVEDIC SECRETS is there any way that I can get that information sent to me. thank you

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