Dr. Oz: Are Angels Real and Do They Heal Us? Balance Your Chakras


Dr. Oz January 28, 2015 Preview

Wellbuzz Update: Here are the articles for this episode:

Dr. Oz has a great episode on January 28, 2015, talking to Gabrielle Bernstein about divine intervention and Bob Harper about ways to motivate your workout. He’ll also discuss sleep curfews, ways to end a chronic cough, and how to restore your chakras. Check it out below!



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    Dear Dr Oz.Just like the lady with the nurse story,I for one have a nurse story to.My Dad was having a very serious procedure done at MD Anderson,I was fore told threw an evangelist not to worry for there would be an angel watching over my Father,and to whom would be with him.I never gave it another thought the following morning we met ,my family and I with his nurse,they took him in to do the procedure,he came out spent a week in the hospital,before being discharged, he wanted a picture of his nurse with him,which there were two differant pictures taken by two differant cameras,mine and my sisters throw away,we said our thank yous and good byes,left.Had the pictures developed and there was no nurse.Went back for a follow up thinking we could make up for the picture that did not have her in it for him, while there.No one had even heard of a nurse by her name,nor had they ever seen her,nor could we find her.That,s when I remembered what I was told and became a believer of Angels among us.

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