Dr Oz: Anti-Diet Plan for Weight Loss & Lose 5 Pounds in 3 Days


Dr Oz Fans Update: Here are the segment recaps for this episode:

Dr Oz Preview January 7 2013

Dr. Oz has begun the New Year with episodes devoted to getting you healthy and helping you lose weight for good. To continue with that theme, he is going to talk about a new (anti)diet plan that makes some pretty outrageous claims and promises. If someone told you that the healthy foods you are eating are making you fat, would you believe them? We are so often told that if we eat well and exercise we will be healthy and lose weight, right?



  1. says

    Dr. Oz,
    I have taken Rasberry Ketones, Green Coffee Bean Extract, White Bean Extract Etc. If you recommmend it I have taken it. I order my stuff from Swanson and I can verify what I have purchased, 7 Ketones and the list goes on. I have not lost as much as a pound. what do you suggest? I just cannot imagine eating right and taking all this stuff and spending a fortune to do so and not losing any weight. What now. I cannot exercise much because of three back surgeries but with the Green Coffee Bean Extract nothing different was required. What should I do now?

  2. Donna says

    This is a comment to shirly I my self have tried keystones and coffee bean and same result I decided back in Oct 2012 do make a food journal one week tried one type of smoothie as Veg then if no diffference tried eat 1 smoothie in morning 1real meal noonwith salad then a smoothie at night finaly through it all i found what worked for me 260 and now 180 and chipss dip for salsa still do candy but 1weak aand add yogurt everyone is different so find out what you can do for you a journal everday help me stay at 1,000-800 cal a day goal 130 still trying . Hope this helps

  3. Donna says

    THIs comment to shirly I have tried alot to and have back injury from320 to 180 Ican say that the only thing i did was eat 800-1,000 cal day started a food journal if one day stayed the same i kept that meal if i gained that day it was not tried again i found smooties i liked Veg And Fruit seperate and together any meal is at lunch exspecially meat with salad or patoe and soups smoothie even so nothingg in tummy at night exercice i use bands and a chair these comme w chharts in this i foundwhat combos worked to find me now i can loose when i want hope this hhelps you find you

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