Dr Oz: Antibiotics Apocalypse! Do Antibiotics Really Work? Oz Alert!


Dr Oz Preview March 11 2013

Dr Oz: Antibiotics Apocalypse! Do Antibiotics Really Work? Oz Alert!

Dr Oz has a warning about antibiotics! They might be causing more harm than good to you and your family!

On the Dr. Oz Show March 11 2013 he has an alert you cannot afford to miss! Are we headed toward an “Antibiotic Apocalypse?” Could the overuse of antibiotic medications be causing deadly strains of superbugs? Do you often take an antibiotic when you get sick? Are they always necessary or are they causing you more harm than good?



  1. says

    This is a VERY timely topic. I was in the hospital with pneumonia and in ICU for 10 days, NOT because of the pneumonia BUT, because the doctors at the hospital overdosed me on antibiotics. They were ready to wirte me off but, a Pulmonary Specialist took a biopsy of one of my lungs – they were both totally black – he sent it to Mayo Clinic and they advised it was a reaction to the OD of antibiotics. Long story short, I did recover and then had to deal with an inflamed intestinal track for 8 years to get it cleared up with acidolphilus and probiotics. Since that time I have learned of at least 4 other people that have died from hospital overtreatment with antibiotics!!! The most recent my neighbor that had knee replacement surgery – the knee healed fine but, she suffered the same conditions of nausea, extreme fatigue and inflamed intestinal track and finally just gave up in the hospital and died – this should NEVER have happened to her. . .I talked to a doctor about this and he was in total denial that such a thing could happen – well, I had had the experience and did my own research to find out what I needed to do to get my system reregulated. . .If it had not been for the Pulmonary Specialist, I would be dead now too. What is it with hospital doctors that they drench your body with an overkill of antibiotics???

  2. Hilde Schaefer says

    I dont think antibiotics always work , but I have diverticulitis flare ups and get put in the hospital and they load me up with Cipro and Flagyl IV. Plus I have Non Hodgkins Lymphoma stage 4 but have been in remission since 09 . I had a flare up three weeks ago but I still feel not back to normal. Sometimes I do not know what to do about it diet wise either. I am on blood thinners. I am 67 years young.

  3. says

    I am beside myself. Since right before Christmas I have had (what the doctors have said) acute sinusitis and bronchitis. They started me out on a ZPac, then switched me over to Levoquin (which gave me the worst case of hives I have ever had) so I had to stop it, then I was given Amoxicilin (which gave me a sever case of the runs) so they stopped it. I just went to an ENT, and he prescribed a new antibiotic for me – Can’t remember the name, but it starts with a “C”. I am so scared to take it. I do believe I have a sinus infection – probably Bacterial, at least that is what the ENT said. I just had a CT Scan of my sinuses, but don’t know the results yet. I don’t know what to do about starting the new Antibiotic. Oh, he also ordered steroids – which I am also afraid to take. Why do doctors order all these drugs when they aren’t sure what is causing the problem??????

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