Dr Oz: Banish Belly Bloat & Shut Down Your Stress


Dr Oz November 27 2012 Preview

Dr Oz Fans update: The segments from this show are online now.

When’s the last time you felt stressed out? Maybe it was during the long holiday weekend, when juggling various commitments could have pushed you over the edge. Did you feel stressed out getting back to the regular routine on Monday? That probably happens to everyone, and judging by the millions of viewers who complain about their stress to Dr Oz, it is a widespread problem. Good thing Dr Oz November 27 2012 is all new with the latest solutions to Shut Down Your Stress and Banish Belly Bloat.

Dr Oz: Shut Down Your Stress

Dr Oz: Banish Belly Bloat & Shut Down Your Stress

Dr Oz November 27 2012 shares alternative medicine secrets to banish belly bloat and shut down your stress once and for all with natural solutions.



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    I have terrble digestive problems. Ive had many tests ordered by doctors. I had tests run on saliva and feces. The nurse practioniner, who practice alternative methods said I have several bacterias and large amounts of yeast in my tract.She prescrived uva ursi for 2 wks then a combination of herbs in one cap to keep yeast under control but I had a hard time digesting it so didnt use it. I was to use a probiotic which I do that anyway. I was to then use an herb product to help build immune system. Ive had difficulty swallowing some things and with nausea and severe indigestion. I even went to the er when it first started happening because of not being able to get rid of the air making me feel like I was having a heart attack. I have a hietal hernia and went to see a surgeon who ordered the tests measuring acid and also another looking at the muscles in my esphogus, which according to test, work correctly about 20% of the time. I lost several pounds and lost to around 102 and am 5’4”. this started the summer of 2011 and Ive gradually been able to eat a little bit more, but not much quantity wise or variety of foods. I cant tolerate any greasy foods. I hate to eat around people because of the burping and I also have too much nausea. I drink a lot of pepto and maalox. I take prilosec for acid. Im tired ot this issue. Can you help? thanks

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