Dr Oz: Birth Order and Future Health & Health Myths Busted


Dr Oz Preview January 14 2014

Dr Oz: Birth Order and Future Health & Health Myths Busted

Dr Oz reveals how your birth order can predict your future health.

Is there an old wives’ tale you have also been curious about? Have you ever wondered if it was really true or just something your mother told you to keep you in line? On the next episode of the Dr. Oz Show learn the truth about the biggest health lies you have been told!



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    Love It!!!! My family is huge. My parents had 12 children in 13 years. Some less than a year apart. Each one of us have different personalities, but you can also see oldest, middle, and youngest qualities in many. At this time in our lives the oldest is 60, and youngest is 47. I am number 10. I see myself as middle at times, and oldest at times. I am a Paramedic. We have always seen these qualities in eachother for as long as I can remember. Love it!!!! Jennifer

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