Dr Oz: Body Type Diet: Weight Loss Solutions for Every Shape

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Dr Oz: Body Type Diet: Weight Loss Solutions for Every Shape

By on May 1, 2012

Dr Oz: The Body Type Diet

Do you have larger hips or a bigger butt? Maybe your arms are flabby or your entire body is fat. In any case, it’s frustrating. On Dr Oz’s May 2, 2012 show, he shows you how to lose weight regardless of your body type. Find out how to slim down your thunder thighs or how to bust your big butt with Doctor Oz’s surefire weight loss techniques for all shapes and sizes!

Dr Oz May 2 2012

Dr Oz Body Type Diet

Find out how to target those trouble areas with supplements, foods and beverages. Before you know it, you’ll have your slim, trim physique in time for beach season. Forget about spending hours at the gym or living off a diet of carrots and lettuce. Dr Oz reveals how to bust that fat with his simple solutions!

Dr Oz: Belly Melting Meal Plan

One of the Body Type Diets that Dr Oz will discuss is the Belly Melting Meal Plan.  Do you have a fat stomach and generally are not hungry for breakfast, but you eat it anyway because you have always been told that is what you have to do to lose weight?  Well, you could be the “hunter” body type and eating breakfast could actually be hindering your progress towards losing weight!  Dr Oz will talk about letting your appetite be your guide for this body type diet.  This type also requires a high protein diet, and you can even have a dessert to help boost your serotonin levels.  But rather than choosing sorbet, which is high in sugar, ice cream could be the better choice since it has fat and protein.  Plus, Dr Oz will discuss a special juice to help boost your weight loss.  I can’t wait to hear all of the details of both the Belly Fat Diet and the Fat Butt Diet on Dr Oz’s Show, because apparently he will teach us how to double our body’s ability to lose weight!

Dr Oz: Jennifer Goldstein Interview

Do you have uncomfortable questions about your body? On Doctor Oz’s May 1, 2012 show, he’ll give the floor to Prevention Magazine’s Beauty Editor, Jennifer Goldstein, to help you answer all of your most embarrassing health questions. (And you know you have some!)

Jennifer has previously been to the Dr Oz show to give you beauty and health tips, including how to boost your mood and 20 slimming smoothie recipes. On the May 1, 2012 show she joins Dr Oz to answer any health question you’re too embarrassed to ask your doctor. Check it out and see if your question is answered!

Dr Oz: Husband’s Annoying Habits

Does your husband bite his toenails, pick his teeth or have some other annoying habit that you can’t stand? On Dr Oz’s May 2, 2012 show, he’ll discuss your DH’s most irritating habits. Find out how to re-train your husband to get rid of his annoying habit!

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