Dr Oz: Burn Fat Faster: 5 Fastest Fat Busters & Green Coffee Beans


Dr Oz: Green Coffee Beans Burn Fat

Does it seem like you’ve been on a diet forever? Doctor Oz is joined by Nutritionist, Lindsey Duncan, to discuss the quickest and easiest fat burning solutions that will help you shed that extra weight just in time for bathing suit season. Dr Oz will cover how to change your body in just one week – yes, you read that correctly, in seven days you can lose your fat belly, fat butt, fat arms, fat thighs or your fat all over. Sound too good to be true? I guess we will just have to wait for tomorrow’s show where he will give the Dr Oz Fat Burning Formula that includes things like Green Coffee Beans, Anise Seed, Ground Cardamom Seed and Celery Seed.


  1. Renee says

    I would like to get into the home study on green coffee? Are you involving anyone? I need to loose 50lbs? Renee

  2. trilla eiler says

    First thank you Dr. Oz for all the info that you share. My thoughtis that you seem to be promoting things that you are unsure of that simple gold like me take at face value, unfortunately the people like me go out and buy the thing’s that you promote and waste our money for a fast cure. Thank you

  3. trilla eiler says

    Sorry, not what I intended to say, your show is very informative and has a lot of good info but we do listen and take notes, I don’t have the money to spend on something you are not promoting or have faith in. Yes exercise and a well balanced diet is good and we know that. So what exactly is your quest. Is this simply another TV show with no value

  4. trilla eiler says

    Please remember people ” diet and exercise is really the key to good health, Dr. Oz is for entertainment and some helpful info, use your own judgement before purchasing any thing you see.

  5. Susan Pratt says

    I believe Dr. Oz is an intelligent man, but I think he is being mismanaged in an effort to get ratings. In tv, as in business, (commercial tv is a business!) it’s always about the bottom line. Dr. Oz has unwittingly become a marionette. I cannot watch any more because there is simply too much info presented, I believe, not to educate, but to entertain. And the studio audience applauding on cue! Are you kidding? The whole production comes offf looking like The Howdy Doody Show!

    Sorry, doc, but you have lost your integrity and let celebrity go to your head. Wake up and change your format before it’s too late!


  6. trilla eiler says

    Amen to that Susan Pratt you say it perfectly, and its sad because he started out with my undivided attention, now I void care less about the show, guess that doesn’t say much about the show does it? He’s got people out buying things they don’t need endorsing montel williams and that seems all fake to me.Come on doc, what happened to the real doctor oz

  7. sl says

    I really like him. I am seeing a Naturopathic Dr and he says some of what he says but he is going overboard. If you took his must have supplements you wouddl be taking 10+ and adding each week. He goes too fast. He neeeds to slow down and really focus on the items if he is going to help American get healthy. He needs to add weight watchers points alon with gives calories.

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