Dr Oz: Charlie Sheen Sits Down with Dr Oz & Charlie Sheen’s Drug Abuse


Dr Oz Fans Update: Here are the segment recaps from this episode:

Dr Oz Preview January 16 2013

Dr Oz: Charlie Sheen Sits Down with Dr Oz & Charlie Sheen's Drug Abuse

Find out what Dr. Oz has to say when he sits down with Charlie Sheen for the very first time to talk about Charlie’s drug abuse, his bad behavior, and his arrests.


  1. Elizabeth Biggart says

    If I hadn’t known better after watching Dr. Oz’s interview of Charlie Sheen today, I would have sworn he was interviewing Michael Fox who suffers, unfortunately, from Parkinson’s.

  2. says

    I think I know your secret. But yes Charlie Sheen did some more crazy stuff. He seems to have an unitlmied shelf life on committing reprehensible crimes and having CBS laugh at off. Oh good old Charlie just was found with a hooker. That’s our charlie. Oh what a joker he held a knife to his wife’s throat. Hilarious. []

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