Dr Oz: Controversial Health Scares & Alternative Health Remedies


Dr Oz Fans Update: Here are the Segment Recaps for this Episode:

Dr Oz Preview December 3 2013

Dr Oz: Controversial Health Scares & Alternative Health Remedies

Dr Oz and Dr Andrew Weil discuss health scares and whether you need to be concerned for your family. Also, Dr Weil’s favorite alternative health remedies.



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    Dr. Oz I watch your show late at night and really love the health information that you bring to us each and every night! I have in hand paper and pen ready to jot down what ever you say so I can share with others. My doctor has me taking the CoQ-10 because I am on a statin medication for blood pressure, also I had a heart malfunction back in May of 2011. when you give the supplements to take you never give a certain brand, and I understand why you don’t! but should we be looking for certain ingredients to be in or not in our vitamins or supplements that would be more similar in what our body is trying to produce. When going into the drug store you are faced with many brands from Nature Valley, Naturally Pure and so on! I want to make sure I am not just buying a pill but one that is going to give me the benefits my body need. Since starting the CoQ10 my joints feel so much better and I am not as stiff when rising from bed, or sitting in a car for extended time. I am 59 well will be on Dec 21, and my mom will be 80 on May 6th I have started her on the CoQ10 as well. Love your show and keep bring us the healthy news we all want and need to know! May God continue to bless you and the Dr. OZ show!

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