Dr Oz: Craziest No Shame Overshares of All Time on September 26 2012


Dr Oz September 26 2012 Preview

Oversharing & Shameless Questions: Dr Oz September 26 2012 Preview

Dr Oz September 26 2012 takes more most embarrassing and shameless questions submitted from viewers; how much is too much information?

By now, Dr Oz fans are used to his style, where nothing is off limits and you don’t have to worry if a question is appropriate for his show. Dr Oz September 26 2012 continues the tradition of treading where no other talk show would dare. Find out what he’s answering for his audience, who submitted more shocking questions, online and in person from the studio audience.



  1. Jannetta says

    Watching your show right now and can’t stop laughing..the lady glued herself together was cracking me up! Love your show!

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