Dr Oz: Dangerous Thigh Gap Diet Trend Review with Author Camille Hugh


Dr Oz Preview February 25 2014

Tuesday is a special Dr Oz Show about a serious topic that is becoming more prevalent in the American obsession with beauty. Have you heard of the dangerous new diet trend in pursuit of the Thigh Gap? Dr Oz will tackle this topic during the Tuesday, February 25 episode.

Dr Oz: Dangerous Thigh Gap Diet Trend

Dr Oz: Dangerous Thigh Gap Diet Trend Review with Author Camille Hugh

Dr Oz is sharing his perspective on the dangerous Thigh Gap diet trend that is popular among women pursuing an image of beauty, on the Feb. 25 episode.



  1. Nancy Kelly says

    I am totally outraged that Camille Hugh encourages thigh gap without taking different body types into consideration! I have never been satisfied with my weight and have SUFFERED from eating disorders in the hopes of having the “perfect” body. In my twenties, I actually dropped from 140 pounds to 81 pounds in a year and a half. Obviously, I was very, very sick. I could see and touch many of my bones BUT MY THIGHS STILL TOUCHED! I think about the only time they won`t touch is when I am dead when no fat, no muscle, no skin. Camille Hugh, please do your research! In my opinion, you are simply encouraging an eating disorder!

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