Dr Oz: Dangers of Walk-In Cosmetic Procedures + Alzheimer’s Formula?


Dr Oz September 19 2014

Wellbuzz update: Here are the segments from this show.

Dr Oz is sharing the results of an undercover investigation into the dangerous trend of Medi-Spas, along with an update on the investigation into the death of Joan Rivers on his show this Friday, September 29. Elisabeth Leamy is back with a hidden camera report. Also, a hot health headline is raising eyebrows about Alzheimer’s Disease.

Dr Oz Alert: Dangers of Walk-In Cosmetic Procedures

Dr Oz: Dangers of Walk-In Cosmetic Procedures + Alzheimer's Formula?

Dr Oz is sharing the results of a hidden camera investigation and warning patients everywhere about the risks of walk-in cosmetic procedures on Sept. 19. (SvetlanaFedoseyeva / Shutterstock.com)



  1. Judy Lerner says

    Was the segment on cosmetic procedures on the same show as th Joan Rivers investigation? I watched the show, never saw it!

  2. says

    It seems that they replaced the cosmetic procedures segment with the Joan Rivers update.

    Hopefully they will include the report on cosmetic procedures in another future episode!

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