Dr Oz & Dr Jonny Bowden: Do Statin Drugs Cause Cancer?

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Dr Oz & Dr Jonny Bowden: Do Statin Drugs Cause Cancer?

By on December 10, 2012

Dr Oz Preview December 11 2012

Dr Oz & Dr Jonny Bowden: Do Statin Drugs Cause Cancer?

Dr Oz is talking to two doctors and their controversial opinions regarding cholesterol and whether it causes heart disease or not. What they have to say may stun you.

Do you try to watch your cholesterol taking care to eat foods that have a low amount or no cholesterol in them? That is certainly what we have been told, right? There is a lot of information telling us that cholesterol his bad for us, bad for our health, and should be consumed very minimally. On the next Dr. Oz show get ready for a controversial discussion regarding cholesterol. Do statin drugs cause cancer?

Dr. Oz’s guests suggest that everything we have all believed about cholesterol is wrong. They even suggest that your current cholesterol mediation could be dangerous and that high cholesterol doesn’t cause heart disease.

Dr Oz: Heart Disease & Cholesterol

A first-time visitor to the Dr. Oz show, Dr. Stephen Sinatra believes that cholesterol has nothing to do with heart disease and he even suggests that the higher your cholesterol, the longer you will live. Could this really be true?

Could everything that we currently believe about cholesterol be all wrong or is this doctor wrong and offering unsafe advice. Dr. Oz is ready to set the record straight and share the truth with you when he sits down to talk with Dr. Sinatra along with Dr. Jonny Bowden, and another first-time guest to his show.

Dr Oz: Statin Drugs Cause Cancer and Diabetes?

Dr. Jonny Bowden, a nutrition and weight-loss expert, will sit down with Dr. Oz and Dr. Stephen Sinatra for a very controversial discussion regarding cholesterol and Dr. Bowden’s and Dr. Sinatra’s belief that cholesterol does not cause heart disease.

Dr. Bowden even says there is evidence that statin drugs, those taken to lower cholesterol levels, can cause diabetes and cancer. What do you think Dr. Oz will have to say to these two doctors about their very unconventional beliefs where our health is concerned? He has always recommended that his audience and patients eat a diet low in cholesterol, so I wonder how he will react to what Dr. Bowen and Dr. Sinatra have to say.

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Comments to Dr Oz & Dr Jonny Bowden: Do Statin Drugs Cause Cancer?

  1. Michael Wader says:

    I cannot and will not agree with Dr Oz on his view about GMO foods being as good as regular foods. Dr. Oz is now classified as a false prophet and I will unsubscribe from all emails and I will stop watching his show. So be it.

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