Dr Oz & Dr Jonny Bowden: Do Statin Drugs Cause Cancer?


Dr Oz Preview December 11 2012

Dr Oz & Dr Jonny Bowden: Do Statin Drugs Cause Cancer?

Dr Oz is talking to two doctors and their controversial opinions regarding cholesterol and whether it causes heart disease or not. What they have to say may stun you.

Do you try to watch your cholesterol taking care to eat foods that have a low amount or no cholesterol in them? That is certainly what we have been told, right? There is a lot of information telling us that cholesterol his bad for us, bad for our health, and should be consumed very minimally. On the next Dr. Oz show get ready for a controversial discussion regarding cholesterol. Do statin drugs cause cancer?


  1. Michael Wader says

    I cannot and will not agree with Dr Oz on his view about GMO foods being as good as regular foods. Dr. Oz is now classified as a false prophet and I will unsubscribe from all emails and I will stop watching his show. So be it.

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