Dr Oz: Dr Laura Berman’s Shocking Breast Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment


Dr Oz fans update: Here are the segment recaps from this episode:

Dr Oz Preview December 20 2012

Dr Oz: Dr Laura Berman's Shocking Breast Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment

Dr Laura Berman shared her shocking diagnosis of breast cancer and the treatment that she credits with saving her life.



  1. Penny says

    Please email what type of treatment Dr. Berman had and where did she go to
    receive it. I was not home when this aired. Thank you.

  2. says

    I have had the Herceptin treatment “on and off” since 2005. My cancer still metastasized in 2008 and I continue to fight my breast cancer which has gone into my lungs, brain, neck lymph node as well as some area in my bones.

    I am know on the “Magic Bullet” recipe of a new Chemo which is mixed with the Herceptin.

    What type of Chemo did Dr. Laura Berman take?

    Mine is called “T-DM1″…(T which is Herceptin with DM1 as a Chemo). This new drug for “Her2 Breast Cancer” is not yet “FDA” approved anywhere in the world but has showed amazing results when it has worked on some “Clinical Trials” in which qualified patients have been accepted for by the “LaRoche” Pharmaceutical founder of this drug.

    I would appreciate a response from Laura Berman’s team related to e-mail responses, since it is of great interest to me, after being on 9 different types of Chemo, a surgery to the brain as well as three different “Gamma Knife” procedures to that area for different cancer lesions (all related to Breast Cancer Metastasis). “Whole Brain Radiation” was performed this past summer and I also had my left lung “Radiated”, at the same time, since cancer was invading part of the esophogus branch area and they wanted to avoid obstruction.

    I hope you can provide me with some information on my request and I wish to thank you in advice for your cooperation.

  3. says

    Hi Norma,

    I’m sorry to hear about your health. Thanks for inquiring about Dr Laura Berman’s story. Since we are viewers and fans like you, we are unable to put you in touch with Dr Berman, and we don’t have much more information beyond what was mentioned in the show. I wish you luck with your treatments and all the best.

    Thanks for reading!

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