Dr Oz: Embarrassing Questions Answered & Taking Too Much Calcium


Dr Oz Fans Update: Here are the Segment Recaps for this Episode:

Dr Oz: Preview October 25 2013

Calcium Dose Recommendation

Is it possible to overload on Calcium? Dr Oz shares the risks and what you need to know about the body’s most important nutrient.



  1. Barbara says

    what is the answer to the “too much calcium”? I don’t see his answer, just skirting the problem and never getting to the DIRECT ANSWER???

  2. Barbara says

    What is the injection PROLIA, for osteoporosis or osteopenia. Is it safe to take in reference to the serious side affects?

  3. candycane says


    I believe that the answer is Yes, you can get too much calcium. Above, it states ‘Dr. Oz will talk about taking too much calcium and how it can cause more harm than good’. It seems like to me if it can cause more harm than good then it is possible to take too much.

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