Dr Oz: Flu vs Parasite Symptoms & Oz Family Heath Tips & Home Remedies

By on March 19, 2013

Dr Oz Fans Update: Here are the segment recaps for this episode:

Dr Oz Preview March 20 2013

Dr Oz: Flu vs Parasite Symptoms & Oz Family Heath Tips & Home Remedies

Dr Oz is going to reveal the shocking warning you need to hear before you get sick again! You might think it is the flu, but you could actually be ill from thousands of parasites in your body!

Do you remember the last time you thought you were sick with the flu? Did you even go see your doctor and they also believed the flu was to blame for your illness? What if you were actually sick because of parasite? On the next episode of Dr. Oz, “The Flu Or a Parasite? Why Your Food and Water May Be Making You Sick,” he will investigate what you need to know so you can protect yourself and your family. Dr. Oz will share the warning signs that your doctor might even be missing as well as the surprising source of these parasites that could be causing you to get sick. Could the food and water you consume on a daily basis be to blame? You might literally be carrying around thousands of parasites in your body right now and not even realize it! Dr. Oz has a wakeup call that everyone needs to hear along with the subtle symptoms that you and your doctor could be missing! Come back soon to find out how you can protect yourself from these parasites before they have the chance to ruin your health!

Dr Oz: Oz Family Home Remedies

Have you ever wished you could get personal health tips from Dr. Oz and his family? Would you like the chance to get a sneak peek inside their kitchen or medicine cabinet to learn their secrets to staying healthy? If so, you are in luck because on the next episode of the Dr. Oz Show he is going to share the inside scoop including his family’s favorite health tips! He is even going to reveal his family’s best home remedy and tell you why you need to have it in your home right now! Hurry back to find out the one thing Dr. Oz wants in your kitchen that will keep your family healthy and protect them from illness.

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  1. I recently saw a episode of Dr.Oz while living in Europe on our military AFN channel one afternoon. The same week I also saw a show from GB called Embarrassing bodies but I guess I was half listening to that one until well into my cleans and I watched it again one day. My husbands buddy had come over a few days before the Dr. Oz show and was talking about having a parasite and I teased him about it and gave him some cloves of garlic but I went right away and looked it up. That week Dr.Oz show came on just a mere 3 days later. I took it as a sign that parasites could be causing my heart pains that the doctors kept telling me was stress and were having me take Zoloft but it only masked the problem so earlier this summer I stopped taking it because the anxiety was so bad. I started taking magnesium after watching a Dr. Oz show and it helped a lot but I kept getting the pain and attacks. I knew there was something else causing it all. I just finished a 14 day tincture that contained the herbs, black walnut hulls, wormwood, and cloves. I was seeing evidence of thousands of worms by day two. Every BM had thousands of worms. Happy to say that much of my anxiety stopped and I even had a planters wort completely disappear I’ve had for over 12 years. Don’t want to say how much money I have spent trying to remove it over the years. Today is day three of being off the tincture and I still see thousands of the worms in my BM’s. Most of them were fairly small. I really had a hard time telling what they were. I saw sesame seed like things when Id not eaten anything with them in it too. Not sure what type of parasite they are from. But I can still feel them moving. I use to think the movement was like a slight baby kick at times. I would rush to the store to buy a test even though my cycles were regular. I can feel them biting me after I take the tincture too. I am feeling much better but I know I need to do this again. After stopping the tincture I could feel the pain return to my heart region so I think I still have some in there. I do have a question. If I do have worms in my heart area will the tincture kill them? If the tincture does kill them will the body absorb the dead bodies of the worms that are in my other organs like the heart and so forth?


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