Dr Oz: Foods That Fight Inflammation & What Are Alkaline Foods?


Dr Oz Preview January 13 2014

Dr Oz: Foods That Fight Inflammation & What Are Alkaline Foods?

Dr Oz reveals a new food group that could be the key to reducing inflammation in your body while also preventing Diabetes and weight gain!

On the next episode of the Dr. Oz Show find out how your diet could be causing a toxic acid overload in your body, leaving you feeling miserable and putting your health at risk for certain diseases. The foods you eat might be increasing your risk for Diabetes, kidney damage and even weight gain and that is why Dr. Oz has declared a Toxic Acid Takedown to fight inflammation and improve your health. He reveals a whole new food category that could be the answer you have been waiting for to reduce inflammation and detoxify your body, one bite at a time.

Dr Oz: Foods That Fight Inflammation

Dr. Oz is waging a war on the toxic acid taking over your body with a brand new food group that you might not even know exists. He reveals which Alkaline foods are the best to fight inflammation to prevent disease while helping you lose weight, especially in your mid-section. Find out how these amazing foods will also help clear up your skin as they neutralize the acid in your body and heal you from the inside out.



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