Dr Oz: Greek Coffee Health Benefits & Best Drugstore Health Gadgets


Dr Oz Preview April 23 2013

Super Powered Greek Coffee

Dr Oz is revealing a Greek Coffee that could benefit your heart and add years to your life!

Could the secret to living a longer life lie in a new super-powered Greek coffee? On the next episode of the Dr. Oz Show learn everything about this new drink and if it could be right for you! Dr. Oz will reveal the amazing health benefits in this tiny cup of coffee that includes a promise to protect your heart. The results of a groundbreaking study show this Greek coffee contains a whopping dose of antioxidants and the power to increase your longevity, leaving Dr. Oz believing it could literally change your life! Hurry back to find out how you can super-charge your cup of morning coffee, give your heart a healthy boost and add years to your life!

Dr Oz: Greek Coffee Health Benefits

Are you into technology and gadgets? When a new electronic device hits the market, are you the first of your friends to run out buy it? On the next Dr. Oz Show get ready to add a few more to your collection because he is going to reveal the newest health gadgets that you can buy right at your local drugstore! Dr. Oz will demonstrate how to use some of those health devices to help you decide if they could be right for you! His expert guest claims one of the gadgets will even save relationships! What could he be referring to that would cause him to make such a huge promise? Are you tired of doing all of your shopping online and having to wait several days for the package to arrive? Come back soon to learn about the latest health “toys” that can be found right at your local drugstore!



  1. miki montrose says

    I can’t find “the greek coffee” where do I look; is that the only name for it? I want some and soon. ha, can I find it at a healthfood store? thank you. Miki J.

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