Dr Oz: Hair Damage Caused by Flat Irons & Are Hair Weaves Bad for You?

By on September 11, 2013

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Dr Oz Preview September 12 2013

Do you spend a lot of time taking care of your hair? Do you often get treatments at the salon or use a flat iron on a regular basis for the sake of beauty? On the next episode of Dr. Oz, he wants you to go to a mirror and spend some time looking closely at what you see.

Dr Oz: Hair Damage Caused by Flat Irons & Are Hair Weaves Bad for You?

Dr Oz will reveal the shocking truth about the damage being caused to your hair by treatments like weaves and relaxers. Can he convince you to choose a safer alternative for the sake of your health? He is ready to try!

Are you causing damage to your hair without even realizing it? Could that weave or relaxer that you get on a regular basis be destroying your hair little by little? Dr. Oz is going to reveal the shocking truth about what your favorite beauty treatments are really doing to your hair and your overall health. It will leave you thinking twice before scheduling an appointment for your next weave, or other treatment, with a hairdresser.

Dr Oz: Flat Iron Damage + Are Weaves Bad for Your Hair?

Have you ever gone to the salon to have your hair done and wished that you could duplicate it yourself at home? From the products they use to the super hot heating tools that make every strand look gorgeous and perfectly in place, would you like to create the same masterpiece on your own?

Have you ever wondered, though, about those chemicals and the damage they could be causing to your hair? What if there was a way to get the same results by causing much less harm to your hair? Dr. Oz says there is and he is going to reveal the tips and tricks to help you relax your hair right at home as well as other solutions to give your locks a beautiful appearance without sacrificing your health.

If you love your hair and you want to keep it looking good for as long as possible, this is one Dr. Oz show you do not want to miss!

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