Dr Oz: Headache Warning Signs & Tips to Ease Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Dr Oz Fans Update: Here are the Segment Recaps for this Episode:


Dr Oz Preview September 23 2013

Headache Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Dr Oz says there are 3 types of pain you should never ignore, including a headache that could be a sign that something is seriously wrong. Find out what to look for on the next episode!


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    Having dealt with IBS since childhood – – here’s a couple things that have helped me.
    1. I became a vegetarian five years ago. I did it as a moral issue, so it was a wonderful surprise to find out how much better I feel without meat sitting in my intestines. Amazing. Who knew?
    2. Walking. Pounding the pavement really helps keep things in order. My daughter has Chron’s and she will attest to that.

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