Dr Oz: Hidden Chemicals In Food You Are Feeding Your Kids – Oz Alert!


Dr Oz Fans Update: Here are the segment recaps for this episode:

Dr Oz January 30 2013

Would you deliberately feed unsafe chemicals to your children? If you knew for a fact something was toxic for their body, would you still put in on their dinner plate? Dr. Oz is going to shine a light on something many of us may have no idea is even happening. He is going to expose the “Hidden Chemicals You’re Feeding Your Kids” and what he is going to share may shock you.


  1. verda smith says

    when or where can i find this list? it is a crime that this is even a problem –greed is a dangeraus thing –can do lots of danger too so many. maybe what we -the people -should do is stand up-speak out- expose them -boycot them all.

  2. Carol says

    Would you drink antifreeze? The FDA has banned it in cat food, but it is present in many US food and cosmetic products. Look for Propylene Glycol.

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