Dr Oz: Hidden Signs of a Gluten Allergy & Gluten Allergy Symptoms


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Dr Oz Preview February 18 2014

Dr Oz: Hidden Signs of a Gluten Allergy & Gluten Allergy Symptoms

Dr Oz reveals the 5 hidden signs of a gluten allergy that could be wreaking havoc on your body.



  1. says

    Feb 18, 2014, at 1:51 AM

    Dr. Oz,
    Michelle i was told that I have a gluten sevenity years ago and have been on a gluten free diet
    but I am still having trouble and have gained back the weight that I lost once I started the diet.
    I also wanted to congratulate you ann Lisa on your first grand child as for what to be called if not grandpa, PA, gramps, I would think you wouldn’t care as you will love that baby as if it’s your own. From one of your biggest fans with love, Michelle xoxoxoxo

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