Dr Oz Insider’s Guide: Medical Breakthroughs for Heart Disease


Dr Oz Preview December 19 2012

Dr Oz Insider's Guide: Medical Breakthroughs for Heart Disease

Dr. Oz is sharing some amazing medical breakthroughs, including one that could change the way doctors diagnose and treat heart disease.

On the next episode of the Dr. Oz show he is going to share some of the newest medical breakthroughs. It is one thing to hear about all of the research that happens in medical institutions all across the country, but what if the progress some of them are making could change your life? Some of the latest ones include ways to melt fat, fight disease, and even prevent disease.



  1. says

    Dr. OZ,

    Do you know of a surgery that goes into the 3 main heart arteries like an angiagram procedure & with a laser burns out the plac inside the artery that is clogged, & sucks it out of the artery? I heard this was being done within the brain for certain types of surgery.

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