Dr Oz: Judge Judy Health Scare + Natural Cures for Health Problems

By on November 18, 2013

Dr Oz November 19 2013

Have you heard about Judge Judy’s health scare? The most famous judge in America, whom Dr Oz called “TV’s ultimate truth machine,” is opening up to him about her own health scare, and how she came through it. That’s coming up on a brand new episode of Dr Oz on November 19.

Dr Oz: Judge Judy Health Scare

Dr Oz: Judge Judy Health Scare + Natural Cures for Health Problems

Dr Oz is talking with Judge Judy on his November 19 show about her secret health scare and her advice for better living.

It was the moment that almost dethroned America’s top TV judge, while the cameras were rolling to tape her show. For the first time, she is speaking on national TV about what she went through and what she learned along the way. Could this happen to someone close to you? Find out on a brand new show.

Plus, over the decades, Judith Sheindlin has seen and done a lot of things. What has she picked up through the years when it comes to health and happiness? Judy is sharing her secrets for longevity and life satisfaction with Oz on his November 19 episode this Tuesday.

Dr Oz: Natural Cures for Health Problems

Sometimes medication is not the answer. From conditions like sciatica to everyday headaches, the solution may not be found in a pill bottle. Learn more about how you can take health into your own hands and approach cures naturally. That’s coming up on the next episode of Dr Oz, and you will not want to miss out.

Dr Oz: Food Labels and Calories

What are the food labels really telling you? Even if you try to be diligent and pay attention to the information, there may be some missing pieces that you cannot see. Find out what they are and what to do to protect yourself and your food supply when you watch the next new Dr Oz on Tuesday, November 19 2013.

Plus, what does oatmeal have to do with your health? Dr Oz is going to explain what you need to know about this classic breakfast menu item on the next episode. Check back for all the recaps and details of what you might have missed.

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