Dr Oz: Judge Marilyn Milian’s Bunion Surgery Warning & Long Recovery


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Dr Oz Preview October 30 2013

Dr Oz: Judge Marilyn Milian's Bunion Surgery Warning & Long Recovery

Dr Oz reveals the truth about bunion surgery and whether it causes more than good!


  1. Betty says

    Hi I had 2 nd bunion procedure on my left foot and he fixed my dislocatated toes. The Dr. Also put in a 3″screw to lift my arch. I had this 2 weeks ago and have some unbelievable pain, itching, tightning my foot is hot and some terrible pain. I had 30+ stitches taken out yesterday and there is a wire in my foot for idk why. I can t go back to work, I work at a large box store and do food demo and now they put me down for food court. I have to lift and carry all foods and drinks cook clean and serve the customers. I never did this job I almost made 6 months. I will probably Lose my job and my foot is aching me so bad. What a mess. How did your procedure go? I am 55 years old female. Born and raised in New York, Yorktown. Good luck on your recovery . Betty Mac

  2. says

    Bunion surgery is a serious undertaking – we applaud anyone who takes that step. For anyone who has suffered from them, that is a huge decision-making process! At UgleeFeet.com we talk about the physical discomfort, but also the social and emotional pain that these conditions (bunions, corns, etc.) can cause. Wishing Judge Marilyn Milian a full and speedy recovery from her surgery.

  3. cathy thompson says

    I had bunion surgery on my right foot and also had a tailor’s bunion on my little toe removed. The surgery went so well and I was NEVER in any pain. Healing was quick and I would definitely recommend it.

  4. says

    I had bunion surgery 3 years ago due to unbelievable pain. Recovery is a long process but in the right surgeon’s hand well worth it. Not for vanity just for pain. Research your Doctor and get at least one more opinion. Then be patient. It takes a long time to recover. No such thing as in e weeks its months.

  5. Kristin Hogan says

    I had my first buinion surgery 20 years ago on my left foot and swore I would never go through it again on my right foot. Over the past year, constant pain when standing, walking or excersising finally caused me to have the righ foot done a few day ago. I also have hammer toes and that caused tremendous pain. I could care less about having ugly feet…I learned to get past that a long time ago, but daily pain is just too much. I wish there was a less invasive procedure, but after lots of research, in my case the the deformedy is just too great and too many other issues were caused as a result. My condition is genetic and I’ve always had shoes fitted and arch support or orthodics, so for me it wasn’t from high heels. I’m interesed how many other people have bunions from genetics.

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