Dr Oz: Laxative Abuse – Oz Alert Dangerous Weight Loss Trend Warning


Dr Oz Fans Update: Here are the segment recaps for this episode:

Dr Oz January 29 2013

Have you ever taken a laxative because you were feeling constipated? What about using laxatives for something a bit more extreme, like weight loss? It might sound crazy to some people, but there is an alarming new trend involving the use of laxatives for weight loss, causing Dr. Oz to have great concern.



  1. Yvonne says

    How bad is drinking Smooth Move Tea every night? I know my daughter sometimes uses 2 and even 3 bags in a cup of hot water at night. I use 2 bags a few times sometimes. I figure it’s better than possibly getting colon cancer. I want to keep my colon clean. Well, we both do. I know you suggested eating raspberries every day. It will cost over $1200 a year to do that. I eat lots of fiber foods, but I still don’t go to the bathroom every day. The tea works pretty well. Yes, we both are very concerned about weight gain from not going to the bathroom every day.

  2. says

    Enjoyed your show on laxatives. I am a disabled veteran and I take 15mg long acting S04 morphine 3 a day I’m also required to take laxatives and stool softeners, like Dulcolax laxative tablets and stool softener to relieve the constipation. My bowel and stomach have become so painful that I have stopped taking my morphine , all laxatives and stool softeners. Now I’m in constant pain related to my service injuries is there any less abrasive things I can do to relieve the constipation due to the morpine and not irritate my bowl. Steven 3149713683

  3. Doshiam says

    A friend told me about Phillips Colon Health and says it’s great and gentle. You can order it from iHerb.com and use the code DOS494 to save an extra $5.00 or $10.00 depending on your order.
    After watching Dr Oz’s show on Tuesday, I’m going to stop doing the nightly Smooth Move Tea and, of course, the occassional, lax pills.

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