Dr Oz: Meditation For Stress Relief & Sherri Shepard’s Health Scare


Dr Oz Preview May 1 2013

Dr Oz: Meditation For Stress Relief & Sherri Shepard's Health Scare

Dr Oz and Deepak Chopra will share a 21-Day Stress Cleanse that includes meditation to restore balance to your mind and body!

Dr. Oz is continuing his week of shows devoted to detoxing and cleansing your body to give you and your health a fresh start. On the next episode he will address the number one cause of aging for people in this country, which is stress. Deepak Chopra’s 21-Day Stress Cleanse will provide you with ways to reduce your stress through meditation. Dr. Oz says meditation actually causes brain cells to regrow, which might just make it the best way to re-balance your body and restore your mind. Deepak Chopra believes we are in the middle of a stress epidemic in this country and meditation could be the way to finally lower your stress and help you cleanse your body from the inside out! Come back soon to learn Deepak’s meditation technique and see if it could be right for you to change your life while eliminating stress once and for all.

Dr Oz: Meditation For Stress Relief

In an emotional conversation, Dr. Oz will sit down with co-host of The View, Sherri Shepherd, to talk about the big health wake-up call that changed her life. She is going to talk to Dr. Oz about how she ignored her doctor’s orders because she did not believe her condition was all that serious but then she realized it could put her health at serious risk, so Sherri decided she needed to make a change and get well so she could be around to see her son grow up. Hurry back to find out about the health scare that changed Sherri Shepherd’s life and see if it could change yours! Learn what motivated her to finally get help to improve her health and find out why she wanted to share it with Dr. Oz and his audience.

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