Dr Oz: Melt Away Fat & Lose Weight Faster! Dr Oz’s New Fat Melters


Dr Oz Fans Update: Here are the segment recaps for this episode:

Dr Oz Preview February 4 2013

Dr Oz Fat Melters

On his next show Dr Oz has the Brand New Fat Melters to help you burn fat faster and lose weight for good!



  1. Diann says

    Dr Oz I do not watch your show for I work and I can not record it for I do not have the stuff for I am the only one work but I would love to loss this weight that I have gain For noe I have to sleep with am oygen tank at night and my Dr want we get the rubber I for get want it is call o can you mail me the melt awyf fat & lose wieght at 3003 Michael Rd. at Mount airy Md. 21771 Oh yea MY mane ils Diann Smith

  2. Diann says

    Dear Dr Oz…..I writing to you about this weight loss I work 12 hour a day and I can not watch your show but I would like to know more about this weight loss I was going to try the belt freez but that coasr to much for I am the only one work in my faimly for my hubands gor never danget and he can not work so please send me infomation on this loss wieght for I used my company computer and sometime we do not get all our mail and I hve to selpt with and oygen mast at night and my Dr want me to get the band and that coast to much also for I need 600.00 down and the ins. will pay 80% if provd Oh yea my mane is Diann Smith

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