Dr Oz: Mindy McCready Celebrity Rehab Death & Dr Drew Pinsky To Blame?


Dr Oz Preview March 5 2013

Dr Oz: Mindy McCready Celebrity Rehab Death & Dr Drew Pinsky To Blame?

Dr Oz is ready to sit down with Dr Drew Pinsky and talk about his show Celebrity Rehab and who is to blame for Mindy McCready’s death. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Are you familiar with the television show Celebrity Rehab? Have you ever watched as Dr. Drew Pinksy helps celebrities through their addiction on the reality show? If he gets the credit when they succeed at beating their addiction, should he also be held accountable when they die? Mindy McCready is the fifth celebrity to die after appearing on Celebrity Rehab, and Dr. Oz is going to sit down with Dr. Drew to talk about the Mindy and the show and the effect it has on the celebrities.



  1. Yvonne Murphy says

    Dr Drew is a blessing to the many people with addictions he has help. This is a disease,and most people continue it after they lesve rehab. How is the doctor to be blamed h was only
    helping the person who wanted the help at the time. If one doesn’t get clean and sober dying is something that will happen. Dr. Drew has a very difficult job, that many can’t do.
    I commend him

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