Dr Oz: Montel Williams’ Family Health Crisis + Food Allergy Warning

By on October 27, 2013

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Dr Oz Preview October 28 2013

On the next episode of the Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz sits down for an exclusive interview with talk-show host Montel Williams, in a powerful and emotion-filled interview. For the first time, Montel Williams open up about the devastating diagnosis his child received and how it has changed his family.

Dr Oz: Montel Williams' Family Health Crisis + Food Allergy Warning

Dr Oz sits down with Montel Williams for an emotional conversation about the diagnosis no parent wants to hear for their child!

Up until now, Montel has had to battle with his own disease, but now he finds himself in a situation no parent ever wants to be in as he fights for his daughter’s life. They open up about her silent symptoms and share how they are getting through one of the scariest things in both of their lives. Montel Williams says he will not give up until he helps his daughter get through this difficult time and she conquers her unexpected diagnosis.

Dr Oz: Montel Williams’ Family Health Crisis

Montel Williams sits down with his daughter and Dr. Oz to talk about the moment he heard his daughter’s heartbreaking diagnosis and the steps they are taking to get her the medical treatment she needs while staying strong as a family. You will not want to miss a moment of this emotional interview when Dr. Oz offers to help Montel Williams and his family in any way that he can.

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