Dr Oz: Myths Even Your Gynecologist Believes + Salads in a Bottle


Dr Oz Preview January 22 2014

Dr Oz Female Health Myths Debunked

Dr Oz sits down with female gynecologists to debunk the myths you have believed your entire life. Learn the truth about your hygiene and birth control!

Have you ever wondered if there was any truth to some of the stories you have been told about her feminine health or how your body works? Are you often too embarrassed to talk to your concerns with friends, let alone your doctor? If so, the next Dr. Oz Show is for you! He reveals the myths even your gyno believes and some of them might just surprise you!

Dr Oz: Myths Even Your Gynecologist Believes

Dr. Oz and his panel of experts debunk the myths you have been told your entire life when they set the record straight once and for all. From hygiene to birth control and everything in between, nothing is off limits when Dr. Oz sits down with three female gynecologists to talk openly about your health. It is finally time to put all those rumors about feminine health to rest so you can stop wondering if what you are doing wrong or if you have been right all along.

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