Dr Oz: Paleo Diet Explained & Daphne Oz vs Dr Oz Home Remedy Showdown


Dr Oz Preview April 22 2013

Is the Paleo Diet Right For You?

Dr Oz will explain the popular Paleo Diet craze that is sweeping across the country. Find out if this protein-packed diet is right for you!

Have you heard of the Paleo Diet craze that is sweeping across the country? It is a diet packed with protein that promises big results, but is it right for you? On the next episode of the Dr. Oz Show find out what the Paleo Diet is all about and see what Dr. Oz has to say about this popular diet that so many people are raving about. Is eating a diet high in protein healthy or could it actually cause you more harm than good? Dr. Oz’s guests claim the Paleo Diet will help reduce heart disease, diabetes and even cholesterol levels. Are those realistic claims for a diet so high in protein? Come back soon to find out what Dr. Oz reveals about the Paleo Diet so you can decide if it is right for you!

Dr Oz: Paleo Diet Explained

Dr. Oz’s daughter, Daphne, is going to stop by his show for a friendly father-daughter showdown to see who has the best remedies for your biggest complaints! They will provide solutions that promise to give you more energy, end your cravings and treat a hangover, but who will offer ones that actually work? You be the judge when father takes on daughter in what promises to be a competitive battle to see who can provide the best remedies for some of your most common concerns. They might even share a remedy that could change your life! Hurry back soon to see how this fun segment unfolds and who will ultimately win this father-daughter showdown! Will it be Dr. Oz or his daughter, Daphne? Either way, you do not want to miss it!



  1. Dot Beverage says

    On Tuesday’s show, April 22, 2013, a lady was on the show and discussed multiple sclerosis. You also talked about leaky intestines which can have effect on autoimmune system. She gave a food/drink she used to help her sclerosis. What information can you give me. I have auto immune diffiencies and they are getting worse. Her diet helped her to move and have better mobility….Do you know (in your scripts of your shows what diet she got on to help her. Thank you foryur help.

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